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Tuesday April 8, 2008 (0)

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18 Being In Seattle Radio Interview with Mother Clare


Mother Clare is interviewed on Being in Seattle, a Public Television station, where she talks about her life on a spiritual path, mysticism and becoming a master teacher.

17 Forgiveness Radio Show

Monday April 7, 2008 (0)

Mother Clare speaks about the myths of forgiving and what steps you can take to forgive.

16 The Crucifixion – The Story of Forgiveness Not Blame

Monday March 31, 2008 (1)

Mother Clare speaks on Easter about the misinterpretation of the Crucifixion of Jesus. It is not about blame but about God’s love and forgiveness.

15 Depending on the World for Approval


Mother Clare talks about how we look to the world for approval and love.

14 Radio Interview with Mother Clare on Love

Monday February 4, 2008 (0)

Mother Clare is featured on Fort Lewis College’s radio station. She is interview by Nancy Stoffer on her show Rim Shots; on the topic of love. This interview aired on Feb 6th, 2008.

13 You Are Not Worms

Sunday February 3, 2008 (1)

12 Living in Grace: The Power, The Glory, The Love


11 The Death of Mary Magdalene

Saturday February 2, 2008 (0)