04 The Mystical Tea – The Novice Program

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – The Novice Program

Mother Clare speaks about The Novice Program that is available through the Centers of Light. This unique program gives individuals who are seeking a rich spiritual community the opportunity to live and participate in a spiritual center.

03 The Mystical Tea – Easter

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – Easter

Mother Clare speaks about Easter and its inner meaning.

02 The Mystical Tea – Spiritual Community

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – Spiritual Community
Mother Clare speaks about Spiritual Community and its vital role in spiritual development.

01 The Mystical Tea – World Peace

The Mystic Tea with Mother Clare Watts – World Peace

Mother Clare talks about the Mary / Sophia Temple for World Peace.

You can go to the site and add join your prayer for World Peace to the many others already praying there.

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