08 The Mystical Tea – Jesus and Mary

06 The Passion of Jesus Christ

Mother Clare reads Maria Valtorta’s account of the Passion of Jesus.

This is a dramatic and piercing description of these events. You will be deeply moved by the words and the feelings that they evoke. Take time before listening to this podcast to settle in and prepare to receive their full meaning and weight.

04 The Mystical Tea – The Novice Program

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – The Novice Program

Mother Clare speaks about The Novice Program that is available through the Centers of Light. This unique program gives individuals who are seeking a rich spiritual community the opportunity to live and participate in a spiritual center.

03 The Mystical Tea – Easter

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – Easter

Mother Clare speaks about Easter and its inner meaning.

02 The Mystical Tea – Spiritual Community

The Mystical Tea with Mother Clare Watts – Spiritual Community
Mother Clare speaks about Spiritual Community and its vital role in spiritual development.

01 The Mystical Tea – World Peace

The Mystic Tea with Mother Clare Watts – World Peace

Mother Clare talks about the Mary / Sophia Temple for World Peace.

You can go to the site and add join your prayer for World Peace to the many others already praying there.

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